Thursday, 20 June 2013

Vintage curtain wrap skirt

So called because I'm pretty sure this is curtain material, but I don't care. It's so easy to wear, I had a sandwich at lunch and instead of feeling uncomfortable, all I needed to do is let a bit of the tie out! I really like the pattern too, I love big shapes.

It was also really easy to make and took only a few hours to complete. I didn't want to cut the pattern, so I traced it on to tissue, then made a few adjustments. The only difficult bits were the waistband and the button hole.

The waistband wasn't actually so bad, but I've never done one before. Fortunately I'd seen one made in college a few weeks ago, so I had a good idea of how it went. It just gets a bit fiddly when it comes to boxing out the corners, but if you pin it to the skirt first, then fold the ends inside out and box out the ends to line up with the skirt prior to stitching on the band then it's a lot easier. I also ironed the seam allowance of the band before pinning it on which both gave me a good marker for stitching the seam allowance and also, once it had been sewn, it just sat in place perfectly. If that at all makes sense.

The buttonhole was a pain in the butt. I've not used a one-step before with a button hole foot. After unpicking a failed attempt, I got out a clear foot and did it 2 step. Since then I've watched a very useful YouTube video!!

Anyway, enough babbling, here's the finished skirt...

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