Sunday, 18 August 2013

New Look K6123 wrap dress

So I've finally finished my New Look K6123 faux-wrap dress, that I was intending to wear at my Cousin's wedding on the 4th! Instead I managed to finish it just in time for the Girls night out tonight.

I really liked the material that I made it with, a 2-way stretch with a satin finish. It also wasn't too bad to work with. The pattern however didn't exactly fit on the first go. I traced the size 12, but I wish I'd maybe used the size 8 for the shoulders, moving to a size 10 at the bust and then the 12 towards the waist, so as it worked out it was really baggy and I had a lot of adjusting to do.

Even after all of the adjusting I was still conscious that I was flashing my chest tonight! But I always seem to have that problem with low cut tops.

All in all, I like this dress, but I may pin the two wrap sections together next time I wear it.

Really should have sucked that gut in!

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