Sunday, 27 October 2013


It has been a hectic 2 months, in fact I'd go so far as to say that's an understatement. I've had to put 2 projects on hold that I had been working on. One being a skirt and the other, a pair of cropped jeans.

We bought a new kitchen from Wren and decided that we'd fit it ourselves as it's soooo expensive to get someone to fit it. But since then there has been problem after problem. It has been so exhausting.

Then, on the 6th I decided to go away to Kenya. I've been there ever since and I'm due back home later on this week. Although I've had a thrilling experience, I can see the end now and I'm looking forward to going home!

Apart from all of the late nights drinking, I've been learning a hell of a lot about being a Vehicle Mechanic. Thankfully I'm out here with a good (and patient) group of lads. I even got to work on a quad bike which was different. They are so fiddly as all the parts are teeny tiny compared to Land Rovers.

We visited Sweetwater Safari park last weekend which was an amazing experience. There were loads of animals to see and we were even lucky enough to see Lions and Elephants before we spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to get out of the park. Typical lads refused the map at the beginning! Then it got dark and that's where the adventure really began. We must have visited 3 gates, guards at each would not let us through. But we got back in the end!

Today I was sat by the pool in the local Golf club (oh lahdee dah!) sunning myself until the rain came at midday. Who said this was the dry season?? Now I'm sat in the bar red as a lobster, catching up with a bit of FB and blogging.

Life is bloody marvelous!

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