Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Simplicity Jiffy 1356

Good Afternoon peeps!

This dress was totally inspired by a tweet from @StitchOdyssey back in June, who was undecided on it. But I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it! Reality, however, is a slightly different story...

Seems like I finished this dress ages ago - according to my Twitter account 13th July! I've just not got round to getting any pics taken. I also haven't worn it. I just keep looking at it and putting it back in my wardrobe because I'm just not 100% sure that I like it. But then again I feel like that about everything nowadays.

IMG_20140729_101603IMG_20140729_101636 IMG_20140729_101709

I've teamed it up with a little white cardi I got from Tesco's last summer and some blue sandals from Matalan that I absolutely hated last year as they are too flat, but funnily enough this year they've barely been off my feet since the sun came out!

IMG_20140729_101741 IMG_20140729_101915 IMG_20140729_110535

This is without the cardi. Think I prefer it with the cardi on. But I'm not much of a fan of sleeveless anyway.

It was incredibly easy to make, as long as you follow the instructions. I kinda winged it to begin with thinking I could pull the dress through at the shoulder seams - what was I thinking? Must have been a 'baby brain' moment because that just wasn't happening. I referred back to the instructions and un-picked a fair bit of stitching and got it right in the end!

I did not make it double sided. I like my necklines under-stitched and stabilised with fusible interfacing. Although I could probably wear it either way round, I probably won't. The big blue flowers are far more interesting than a plain white cotton dress (Which is what I used for the other side).


In my opinion, this dress isn't very flattering. It has very little shape, but that may be accentuated by my growing bump that's kinda making me look shapeless enough as it is! It is however, very practical used as a maternity dress. I graded from a size 10 at the shoulders to a 12 just under the bust and then out to a 14 from the waist down. 

I'm pretty certain that even at my biggest it will still fit, you attach 2 pieces of ribbon on either side of the front dress piece (one under the bust and one on the waist on both sides) and then you have the tie at the front, both of which are quite generous in length. It's very comfy indeed, so despite my reservations as to whether this dress is truly 'me' I'll definitely get my wear out of it!

Have you made one of these dresses? I'd love to see it on other people, who knows I might even make another post- pregnancy!

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