Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I've been busy tonight...

I made time tonight to get some more of my college project done. I started off constructing the bodice. This is kind of tricky, with the added ease, to ensure I didn't nip the fabric, so I tacked it with some yellow cotton first.

I stitched all of the rest of the bodice together and then made a start on the skirt. I whizzed through the rear darts and then pinned the front pleats before tacking in place. You will see I've tacked the top and the bottom of the pleat to ensure it doesn't move out of shape whilst I'm constructing the dress.

Front skirt pleats
Rear skirt slit seam
The back slit of the skirt was a bit fiddly, I put in the slit seams first and then sewed from the top notch all the way round. Having a foot with a guide attached really helped with the fine seam on the slit.
I've placed the bodice on top of the skirt to see how it will look together, mostly because I'm impatient and I would like to see how the pattern looks together!

Bodice placed over skirt

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