Monday, 20 May 2013


So I found a free knicker pattern on the internet, thought it would be an easy project to make seeing as I spent the weekend away in a landrover and came back tired and a little sore.
It took 3 hours and a little swearing, but I got there in the end. Most of the knicker was easy to put together. I didn't follow the pattern, I just used the template and a bit of guess work. The hardest part was the elastic. There was a lot of time trying to un-jam the material out of the machine. Maybe I would have been better off trying to use the darn option for some of it and pushing it through myself.
The elastic needs to be a bit smaller than the waist section and you need to stretch it through, making sure that you don't stretch the fabric too.
If you look closely, some of the stitching is really awful. I should have un picked quite a bit, but I probably won't wear them as they are too close to the waist, they will only catch on my belly button bar!
All in all a cheap project and a good try at French seams, so I learnt a lot.

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