Monday, 1 July 2013

Least exciting garment

I thought I'd give pj shorts a go. It's warmer weather here and I only have 2 pairs that always seem to be in the wash.

I had an impulse buy of some novelty cotton I bought from Ebay, that I thought would be ideal for these.
The pattern that I used was pattern of the week on the Simplicity-New look website a few weeks ago, 3971.

This was quite a simple pattern, so for comfort I used French seams for all but the waist band. However, twice I made the stupid mistake of stitching the back piece to the other back piece and the same with the front. How could I go so wrong?? It really isn't fun unpicking finished French seams all those times for no reason!

These shorts were also 5 inches too high at the waist, quite obviously designed for Simon Cowell... so I trimmed the pattern a little to ensure a nice hipster fit.

All in all, this wasn't a very interesting pattern, it was a little too easy, so I look forward to making the full PJ's in the winter.

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