Sunday, 14 July 2013

Michael Kors inspired

Well this should have been easy! I used Burda pattern 7970, which is my first ever Burda. When I measured the pieces it seemed as though all I needed to adjust was the nape to waist length. I really should have measured the shoulders, which could now do with almost an inch of shortening.

I also had to greatly reduce the waist, this dress looked like a paper bag on me on the first go! I made it in size 14, I was umming and ahhhring which size to make, I should have used the Size 12 for all but the hips, which would have given a much better fit without having to make so many after adjustments.

I was quite lucky with the darts, with them being under my arm I knew they would be hidden, but the stripes almost match up.

It was a very easy pattern, it took maybe 4hrs to make and even then I was taking my time over it as I also managed to make a carrot and coriander soup from scratch within the 4hrs.

I didn't want to put this on today as it's so warm, so here's some pics of it on a hanger:

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  1. LOVE this dress! I bet you'll get heaps of wear from it x